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TF genes can be listed as gene symbols, gene IDs, or mixed lists.


Enrichment libraries

Using a hypergeometric test, this tool computes the enrichment of a list of TFs in two disease libraries, namely, GWAS traits and Human Phenotype ontology disease as described in Lambert et al, Cell, 2018.

The GWAS library connects several traits to transcription factors through assigning significant SNPs to TFs if they fall near their coding regions. The second library is a list of TF genes extracted from the list of genes in Human Phenotype Ontology.

Morevoer, the TF list is tested for significant enrichment in two tissue-specific libraries, namely, tissue-specific TF expression and tissue-specific TF targeting as computed in Sonawane et al, Cell reports, 2017.

Users provide an input list of TFs as gene symbols, gene IDs, or mixed lists as in the example. 1639 genes define TFs as per the list established in Lambert et al, Cell, 2018.