GRAND is a collection of gene regulatory networks of human tissues, cancer, cell lines, and small molecule effects. The networks are bipartite graphs linking Transcription Factors (TFs) and miRNAs to their target genes. GRAND integrates a webserver to test the enrichment of a list of TFs in a set of libraries or find compounds that reverse/exacerbate a gene or TF regulatory profile. To date, we analyzed 420 gene sets.

Drugs Small molecules

2858 drug-induced gene regulatory networks computed from the CLUE gene expression collection and DRH database.

Cancer Cancer

1638 patient-specific regulatory networks across 4 cancer types using expression data from TCGA and GEO.

Tissues Tissues

38 tissue-specific x 2 regulation types and 8279 single-sample gene regulatory network using GTEx gene expression collection.

Cell lines Cell lines

6 gene regulatory networks for 3 cell lines and many more in development.