To download individual network adjacency matrices, please refer the specific network of interest and click the Adj button. For batch downloads, the following files can be used instead:

Description File name Format Dimensions Size Link
Drug gene targeting scores Drugs_Gene_Targeting_AllSamples.csv CSV 12,328*173,013 34.3 GB
Drug TF targeting scores Drugs_TF_Targeting_AllSamples.csv CSV 652*173,013 1.7 GB
PDAC single-sample networks TCGA lioness_pdac.RData RData 2,124,454*150 2.2 GB
COAD single-sample networks TCGA lioness_annot.tar.gz RData 8,472,037*445 11.3 GB
COAD single-sample networks GEO lioness_annot.tar.gz RData 8,472,037*1193 30 GB
GBM single-sample networks TCGA 1 net_tcga1.RData RData 6,955,650*522 15.2 GB
GBM single-sample networks TCGA 2 net_tcga2.RData RData 6,955,650*431 12.6 GB
GBM single-sample networks GGN net_ggn.RData RData 6,785,350*70 2 GB
Tissue miRNA networks GTEx GTEx_PUMA_tissues.RData RData 10,391,523*36 10.2 GB
Tissue TF networks GTEx GTEx_PANDA_tissues.RData RData 19,476,492*38 4.3 GB
Adipose subcutaneous single-sample networks GTEx Adipose_Subcutaneous_AllSamples.csv CSV 1,9476,492*380 126 GB
Adipose visceral single-sample networks GTEx Adipose_Visceral_AllSamples.csv CSV 1,9476,492*234 78 GB
Adrenal gland single-sample networks GTEx Adipose_Gland_AllSamples.csv CSV 1,9476,492*159 53 GB
Artery aorta single-sample networks GTEx Artery_Aorta_AllSamples.csv CSV 1,9476,492*247 82 GB
Artery coronary single-sample networks GTEx Artery_Coronary_AllSamples.csv CSV 1,9476,492*140 47 GB
Artery tibial single-sample networks GTEx Artery_Tibial_AllSamples.csv CSV 1,9476,492*357 118 GB
Brain other single-sample networks GTEx Brain_Other_AllSamples.csv CSV 1,9476,492*779 256 GB
Brain cerebellum single-sample networks GTEx Brain_Cerebellum_AllSamples.csv CSV 1,9476,492*254 84 GB
Brain basal ganglia single-sample networks GTEx Brain_Basal_Ganglia_AllSamples.csv CSV 1,9476,492*360 119 GB
Breast single-sample networks GTEx Breast_AllSamples.csv CSV 1,9476,492*217 72 GB
Colon sigmoid single-sample networks GTEx Colon_Sigmoid_AllSamples.csv CSV 1,9476,492*173 58 GB
Colon transverse single-sample networks GTEx Colon_Transverse_AllSamples.csv CSV 1,9476,492*203 67 GB
Gastroesophageal junction single-sample networks GTEx Gastroesophageal_Junction_AllSamples.csv CSV 1,9476,492*176 59 GB
Esophagus mucosa single-sample networks GTEx Esophagus_Mucosa_AllSamples.csv CSV 1,9476,492*330 110 GB
Esophagus muscularis single-sample networks GTEx Esophagus_Muscularis_AllSamples.csv CSV 1,9476,492*283 94 GB
Heart atrial appendage single-sample networks GTEx Heart_Atrial_Appendage_AllSamples.csv CSV 1,9476,492*217 72 GB
Heart left ventricle single-sample networks GTEx Heart_Left_Ventricle_AllSamples.csv CSV 1,9476,492*267 88 GB
Liver single-sample networks GTEx Liver_AllSamples.csv CSV 1,9476,492*137 45 GB
Lung single-sample networks GTEx Lung_AllSamples.csv CSV 1,9476,492*360 119 GB
Skeletal muscle single-sample networks GTEx Skeletal_Muscle_AllSamples.csv CSV 1,9476,492*469 154 GB
Tibial nerve single-sample networks GTEx Tibial_Nerve_AllSamples.csv CSV 1,9476,492*334 110 GB
Pancreas single-sample networks GTEx Pancreas_AllSamples.csv CSV 1,9476,492*193 64 GB
Pituitary single-sample networks GTEx Pituitary_AllSamples.csv CSV 1,9476,492*124 41 GB
Skin single-sample networks GTEx Skin_AllSamples.csv CSV 1,9476,492*661 219 GB
Intestine terminal ileum single-sample networks GTEx Intestine_Terminal_Ileum_AllSamples.csv CSV 1,9476,492*104 34 GB
Spleen single-sample networks GTEx Spleen_AllSamples.csv CSV 1,9476,492*118 39 GB
Stomach single-sample networks GTEx Stomach_AllSamples.csv CSV 1,9476,492*204 68 GB
Thyroid single-sample networks GTEx Thyroid_AllSamples.csv CSV 1,9476,492*355 117 GB
Whole blood single-sample networks GTEx Whole_Blood_AllSamples.csv CSV 1,9476,492*444 142 GB

In addition, a set of cancer tissues networks that were generated with the same processing pipeline as the normal tissues network to enable differential analysis. The analysis can be done in the network comparison page. The cancer networks can be downloaded below:

Description File name Format Dimensions Size Link
Adrenocortical Carcinoma panda_ACC.csv CSV 644*29,374 335 MB
Bladder Urothelial Carcinoma panda_BLCA.csv CSV 644*29,374 335 MB
Cholangiocarcinoma panda_CHOL.csv CSV 644*29,374 335 MB
Colon adenocarcinoma panda_COAD.csv CSV 644*29,374 335 MB
Lymphoid Neoplasm Diffuse Large B-cell Lymphoma panda_DLBC.csv CSV 644*29,374 335 MB
Esophageal carcinoma panda_ESCA.csv CSV 644*29,374 335 MB
Glioblastoma multiforme panda_GBM.csv CSV 644*29,374 335 MB
Head and Neck squamous cell carcinoma panda_HNSC.csv CSV 644*29,374 335 MB
Kidney Chromophobe panda_KICH.csv CSV 644*29,374 335 MB
Kidney renal clear cell carcinoma panda_KIRC.csv CSV 644*29,374 335 MB
Kidney renal papillary cell carcinoma panda_KIRP.csv CSV 644*29,374 335 MB
Acute Myeloid Leukemia panda_LAML.csv CSV 644*29,374 335 MB
Brain Lower Grade Glioma panda_LGG.csv CSV 644*29,374 335 MB
Liver hepatocellular carcinoma panda_LIHC.csv CSV 644*29,374 335 MB
Lung adenocarcinoma panda_LUAD.csv CSV 644*29,374 335 MB
Lung squamous cell carcinoma panda_LUSC.csv CSV 644*29,374 335 MB
Mesothelioma panda_MESO.csv CSV 644*29,374 335 MB
Pancreatic adenocarcinoma panda_PAAD.csv CSV 644*29,374 335 MB
Pheochromocytoma and Paraganglioma panda_PCPG.csv CSV 644*29,374 335 MB
Rectum adenocarcinoma panda_READ.csv CSV 644*29,374 335 MB
Sarcoma panda_SARC.csv CSV 644*29,374 335 MB
Skin Cutaneous Melanoma panda_SKCM.csv CSV 644*29,374 335 MB
Stomach adenocarcinoma panda_STAD.csv CSV 644*29,374 335 MB
Thyroid carcinoma panda_THCA.csv CSV 644*29,374 335 MB
Thymoma panda_THYM.csv CSV 644*29,374 335 MB
Uveal Melanoma panda_UVM.csv CSV 644*29,374 335 MB