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CLUEreg is a webserver that finds small molecule candidates to reverse or enhance a given regulatory profile.
In a bipartite regulatory network, a targeting profile is the set of high-targeted genes and low-targeted genes. These gene lists can be derived from thresholding targeting scores representing the weighted indegree for genes and weighted outdegree for TFs.


Using PANDA to infer gene regulatory networks from the CLUE gene expression collection, we reconstructed TF-gene bipartite regulatory network and computed differential targeting scores for 19,789 small molecules to derive the drug-induced up-targeted and down-targeted genes among 12,328 genes considered in CLUE. Similarly, TF targeting of genes can be used as a surrograte for drug activity. We computed targeting scores of 644 TFs from PANDA drug networks as the weighted outdegree for each TF.

To query signatures based on gene expression rather than targeting, see the following tools: CLUE, L1000 Fireworks, L1000 CDS2, and L1000 Canvas Browser.